Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Don’t you (forget about me)

I can’t imagine that The Breakfast Club gets linked to pretty, little blue flowers very often, but here it is!

I adore forget-me-nots. They are such exquisite flowers. You know in the film Clueless, when Cher describes someone as a Monet because they look nice from far away, but up close, they’re a mess? Forget-me-nots are the opposite. En masse, they are just a pretty, blurry sea of blue (or white or pink). But up close…and you do need to get right down to the ground to see them up close…they are the most perfect, tiny flowers, they almost look unreal.

They don’t get used much in floristry, which is a shame, because they are the perfect symbol of true and faithful love. They could be used for going away parties or posies, anniversaries or birthdays, and I think they would be sweet for christenings. You can even buy pretty forget-me-not inspired jewellery from the British designers Dower and Hall.

Here they are in Greenwich Park. We had a long afternoon walking around the flower garden, and my brilliant photographer dad took hundreds of photos – so there will be more posts with other flowers in the coming week! It was amazing to see them everywhere, especially the less common white and pink varieties, and to kneel down on the grass and just study them. Breathtaking.

For the last few weeks, I have had a bad case of garden envy every time I’ve walked past a house nearby that has a front garden covered with forget-me-nots. It’s so stunning, my pace always slows down when I pass the house. My dad took a photo today; I’m just putting a close up, so as not to make the house recognisable. I wouldn’t want the residents to be besieged by forget-me-not lovers!