Sunday, 28 April 2013


The daffodils and narcissi have finally been flowering over the last fortnight, as have the fritillaries.  The tulips are growing very slowly, but the muscari are nowhere to be seen. I’ve been cutting some of the flowers to display indoors, and the scent of the delicate white Thalia and Yellow Cheerfulness narcissi has gently filled the room. Thalia has a similar smell to Paperwhite, but is less heady, while Yellow Cheerfulness has a sort of lemony fragrance.

One thing that is so wonderful about using garden flowers, is that seasonal flowers go well together and look so natural. None of this ‘orchids and roses’ sophisticated chic! The ‘just picked’ look has become so popular in floristry, and what better way to achieve it than to grow and pick your own flowers? I think the combination of white, yellow, pinky-orange (which is what ‘pink daffodils’ appear to be when I grow them), and deep purple is striking and beautiful. I can’t wait for the tulips to start flowering so I can add reds, greens and oranges.

These are some close ups of pink and yellow daffodils, white Thalia narcissi, purple and white fritillaries. I adore the nodding, paper-like heads of fritillaries and the bright lemon-yellow of one daffodil’s trumpet against the white of the petals and the Thalia next to it. It’s not a Cheerfulness narcissi, but it’s certainly cheerfulness in a jug!