Monday, 6 May 2013

Make cake while the sun shines

For a family evening with my cousin and her husband and children, I wanted to make a big cake, rather than my usual fairy cakes.

There is a recipe for a pecan and lemon celebration cake in The Great British Bake Off book, but I wanted to make one without nuts, so I added more flour in place of the ground pecans and also added some poppy seeds. I didn’t use marzipan (nuts!) and ready-roll sugar paste, so I made up royal icing with some lemon juice. I didn’t plan to ice the sides, but they looked a bit bare, so I did the two short sides and spaced out vertical lines going up the long sides.

The cake went down well with my cousin and her husband, who wanted seconds. But their five-year-old son, who isn’t keen on sweet things, took one bite of his mother’s cake and said, ‘Cake is yucky!’ Oh well, you can’t please everyone.