Thursday, 2 May 2013

A very merry May Day

On May Day this year, I saw the following in flower: daffodils, narcissi, hyacinths, bluebells, muscari, forget-me-nots, roses and peonies. It was as strange to see early spring flowers so late as it was to see summer flowers at the same time. But the strangest thing was seeing winter flowers.

I saw a few hellebores when I was out and about in April, and Greenwich Park had some beautiful displays yesterday. Known as the Christmas rose, hellebores usually flower in winter and early spring. I’m sure there are some clever gardeners who can force their plants to flower for Christmas, but generally they flower a bit later in winter. They come in quite muted colours – white, apple green, pinky-white – and dramatic purples.

This is a green hellebore that I snapped on my travels in April.

And in Greenwich Park yesterday, there were a few solitary snowflakes. I don’t know if they were the spring or summer variety, but they were such pretty, delicate flowers. There you go – Christmas roses and snowflakes on May Day!