Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Small black flowers that grow in the sky

I had my first photography lesson last week. I’m usually content with pointing and clicking, but I know that the quick snaps I take on my simple camera are nothing compared to the stunning pictures that my dad takes on his photographer’s camera. He taught me how to change the light settings and focus and…bother, I’ve forgotten most of the lesson already. But I will practise again until it becomes more instinctive!

This was my first attempt at photographing our apple blossom tree. Pretty dark.

I’ve increased the light, but lost the focus!

Argh. Now I know that the little red boxes in the viewfinder show you what the camera is going to focus on. So it wasn’t a good idea to take a photo while there were red boxes all over the background.

The next two are better, and I’m rather pleased with them.

I wanted to see if I could photograph a high branch with the sky in the background. But it was very sunny (and the camera was heavy – it’s uncomfortable to cran your neck up, holding the camera above you for a long time), so I didn’t manage to get these pictures right. But I do like the dreamy effect of our eucalyptus tree in the background.

One of my dad’s photography tutors told his students that they needed to take about 200 photos a day. A day! I’ll start off by aiming at 100 a week. And I’ll report back after lesson two.