Thursday, 11 July 2013

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – Teaser Trailer

Fortunately, we were sitting on the best side of the train for the exit at Hampton Court station (the front of the train – go, go, go!), so we didn’t get stuck at the back of the massive crowd who had got the same train as us. Some people got a little ferry up the river, but we walked along the path in the sunshine. It was bright and beautiful and very exciting since it was our first visit to the show. I enjoyed the walk there, and here you can see why. It's all very Wind in the Willows.

The walk back after the show was slower…I was very happy and relaxed, but I felt like my head would explode from the heat and my feet were caning! We left in plenty of time for the train though, so I was still able to take some more photos as I ambled along. I love the golden leaves on the palace gates.

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