Monday, 15 July 2013

An intriguing crush

I was asked to do some arrangements as film demonstrations. I have a new-found respect for Carol Klein chirpily demonstrating gardening and Nigella Lawson engagingly demonstrating cooking; it's harder than it looks!

I made a big, colourful vase arrangement, a small posy in an old syrup tin, a heart-shaped ring to decorate a garden party or wedding, and a simple tall vase. The acid-pink achillea and lilac-pink scabious were good to use in floral foam as they have small but sturdy stems. The nigella and matricaria were more challenging as their stems are very soft.

Put together, I think they show how you can carry a theme at an event, whether that's a small gathering of friends at home or a big wedding. You can use mixed combinations of flowers and colours for some arrangements, and just one or two colours for others. I like the simplicity of the tall, duck egg blue vase of blue nigella and a few stems of lilac flowering mint.

If I'd had the budget, I would have liked to do an extra vase of just pinky-red Flame peonies and William Shakespeare 2000 David Austin roses, and a small container stuffed with matricaria daisies. Ooh, and a jasmine garland!

The flower meanings of many of these are wonderful. Nigella means intrigue or a crush, so what a great flower to use for a party, when crushes are often present! Daisies represent innocence or loyal love, which are lovely sentiments for friends and family. And mint, despite being a herb that we associate with coolness, symbolises warmth of feeling. Achillea represents war or healing, so as per my method of picking a flower meaning from confusing, contrasting meanings, I am going with the one that conveys what I want to say here: healing! Along with red roses for love and jasmine for attachment, this is a good example of saying it with flowers.

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