Saturday, 6 July 2013

More flowers from Penshurst Place

Minimal writing in this blog, which might please some; just lots of photos of one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve visited. If you live in the South East of England, Penshurst Place is one of the best day trips I could suggest for sunny weather, such as we’re due to have this weekend. But do be sensible and take sunscreen, sunglasses and water! If you are an RHS member, you get free entry to the gardens, and it’s only another couple of pounds extra to enter the house too.

First of all, there were hundreds of varieties of flowers. Delphiniums, lupins, lavender, roses, scabious, astrantia, dahlias, lady’s mantle, peonies (which have been the star of a separate post), primulas, irises, foxgloves…and plenty more that I don’t know the names of. Enjoy these.

There were fruit trees and baby strawberries aplenty, and I haven’t even included the orchard, which will feature in the next post.

The gardens generally are just so beautiful. Some of them are immaculate, others are a bit wild and wonderful, most of them are full of gorgeous scents, but every one is a delight to walk around.

I think I am getting the hang of this photography lark - I'm pleased with many of my 380 photos from the day!

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