Monday, 8 July 2013

Love flowers after the wedding

These flowers were for a lovely couple who got married last autumn. They had very natural-looking arrangements for their wedding and reception in a huge barn, with lots of colour and texture. They had a big, clear Verona vase as a wedding present, which called for a big, celebratory bouquet come the summer. Well, the summer is here, the jasmine (which was in the bridal bouquet) has started to flower, and the last of the British peonies are in the market. So here's the gift bouquet before it was delivered.

The red roses and jasmine are all from the garden. The peonies and brodea are from the market, and the lavender is from Mayfield Lavender - I used it higher up so that the stems don't touch the water, because apparently cut lavender doesn't respond well to water. I can tell you one thing - the scent filled a room!

Here is the bouquet in the wedding gift vase, with the other wedding gifts around it. I think the flowers fit in nicely.

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