Saturday, 13 September 2014

Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich

There was a festival of tall ships in Greenwich (aka Greenwich Regatta), which finished earlier this week. I went to see them, and I've never seen Greenwich so packed!

A boat ride was a great way to see them (although it meant queuing up for an hour), and it also meant I got to travel along the east side of the river; when I've been on Thames boat rides before, it's always been up to Westminster.

It was exciting to go through the Thames Barrier (which is a bit of a sad confession).

I remember when it opened, and we used to go to the visitor's centre and the cafe some days...a cheap, family afternoon out! Somewhere I have a photo of me and my German penfriend going down the slide together in the early 90s. The slide is still there.

Back to the ships.

The Woolwich Ferry put out the bunting to welcome them.

I've no idea about the history of the different ships; it was just nice to see them.

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