Saturday, 6 September 2014

Guinness, Cariad and the Wizard of Oz

I did a bouquet for a Welsh lady who loves going on holiday to Dublin. 'Cariad' David Austin roses in an old Guinness fudge tin was my plan, but I only had a few stems of roses. So I picked as many pink and white flowers from the garden as I could, and topped up with dahlias and asters I'd bought from the market. I liked the idea of clashing shades of pink, and lots of frothy flowers and panicum, in a less Barbara Cartland-ish container.

The pale pink dahlia with the yellow centre is called Wizard of Oz - it's a beautiful flower. I don't know the name of the other variety, but it's a fabulous bright salmon colour.

These striking flowers below are pink asters (aka September flower, as it is the birth flower for September). They last well in water and floral foam, and come in other colours, such as white and purple. Both the dahlias and asters are British - you should be able to get them from your local grower for another few weeks.

One of my favourite parts of floristry is the moment after you've finished conditioning all of your flowers, and you look at the buckets of beauty you have to work from.

I made a posy of dahlias and asters.

And I put the leftover cosmos in a bottle - I love the movement of the stems and the pretty, colourful flowerheads.

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