Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Single dancing cosmos

A single cosmos, left over from one of the cut flower buckets, seemed to dance amongst the leftover gentian, scabious, snapdragons and garden roses.

I hadn't included it in the leftovers posy at first...

But then...

There was a single pale peach rose, which I left in a co-ordinating 'Pear and Rose Syrup' juice bottle from Brogdale. Such a sweet scent and a perfect bloom.

I'm doing things backwards today, and finishing with the main event. A big bouquet, stuffed with flowers from the garden - cosmos, ammi, borage, zinnias, phlox, cleome, delphiniums, panicum and escallonia. There were also gorgeous blue scabious and gentian, and dark crimson snapdragons from the market. Not much scent in this one, but lots of texture and a beautiful white-pink-red-blue colour scheme.

That's a wrap!

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