Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A taster post: Brogdale in August

...with a longer post to follow. It's a bereavement counselling day today (which I'm really enjoying, by the way), which means less time to research and write for pleasure.

As you can see, Brogdale is looking very different from my blossom-filled visit in April - not least because I remembered to borrow a camera this time! The photo at the top is of cobnuts (hazelnuts) which are almost ready - the guide, Tony, said the squirrels are clever and are waiting until they're at their best. Then apples, and below are greengages - a type of plum. I was too late for cherries and apricots - I will need to be on the ball and visit promptly next year.

The apple below is Devonshire Quarrande and the plum has no proper name but has the label WJ 106 2/4.

Get down to Faversham if you can and go on a guided tour - you'll learn more, see more, and be able to taste the fruit (which you can't on a self-guided tour, where you also have to stick to the path). Brogdale holds the national fruit collection, so you'll get to see and sample varieties that you would never find in the shops. I tried greengages for the first time - these ones are called Russian Greengage and they were so delicious!

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