Wednesday, 10 August 2011

With thanks to Jane Packer

After thinking about it for a while, I've finally decided to start writing about floristry and gardening. At some point I will probably get distracted by films (read The Dark Knight Rises), but I'm sure I'll get back to flowers.

Although I have a dark, masculine side, I'm quite a girly girl, and I have a soft spot for all the pretty things that girls are supposed to like. I would doodle pictures of flowers and butterflies as a child, draw a daisy after my name when I signed cards as a teenager, and as an adult, I was so blown away by the flower market on La Rambla that I bought a single iris and carried it around Barcelona all day.

I decided to book a hand-tied floristry course at Jane Packer, thinking it would just be a fun thing to do. I loved it! The course itself was wonderful, the tutor and the other people doing the course were lovely, and we all made huge bouquets of yellow and white spring flowers (including daisies!).

It wasn't long before I started buying flowers from the supermarket and local florist and tried to arrange them for myself and friends. My first attempts on my own were a bit hit and miss, but the more I practised, the more I learnt from my mistakes and (I think) improved. I signed up for more courses and started reading books about floristry, flower arranging, and growing a cutting garden. Now I've done my first commission (more about that later) and I'm doing the flowers for my friend's wedding in October. Oh, and this weekend I'm going to have a flower arranging table at a local art and craft fair.

I went to Jane Packer's shop again today. If you live in London and haven't been, I would strongly recommend going - it is a gorgeous shop. Even if you only want to buy a single stem, it will be worth it. And naturally, I also recommend doing a taster course. Be warned though - if you are anything like me, flowers may take over your life!

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