Friday, 12 August 2011

The day before tomorrow

The art and craft fair is tomorrow, and although I'm really looking forward to it, I am exhausted! Today started comparatively late at 5am - I went to a local flower wholesaler instead of up to Covent Garden Market, which meant an extra hour's sleep. I'd ordered most of the flowers directly from Holland, but I got some aspidistra leaves, flowering mint (guess what it smells of?), and hypercium berries. I prepared them and waited for the delivery van - I will write a post later about that. Once the rest of the flowers arrived, I prepared them. It sounds like it would take no time at all, and I'm sure an experienced florist would be ten times quicker than me. But it took me hours!
Cutting the stem ends off dahlias
Stripping the thorns from roses
But I always find time to stop and smell scented flowers. These pinky-orange roses are called Miss Piggy. And as Shakespeare nearly said, that which we call a Miss Piggy rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
These are the flowers once they had been prepared and conditioned with water and flower food.
And these are the first few arrangements I did. The ones involving garden flowers or floral foam will need to wait till tomorrow morning. I'll update after the weekend.