Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day = flowers for everyone. Yes, including you!

It's February already and that means that Valentine's Day is not far off. Do remember that I am more than happy to make bouquets for friends, sisters, brothers, yourself - you don't need to buy them for a romantic other! I am a real advocate for buying flowers for yourself, especially at this time of year when the weather's miserable, and it's not just because I'm a florist. Think how much a lot of us spend on expensive takeaway coffees and things we never use - is a bunch of flowers every once in a while such a decadence, if we appreciate them?

If you would like to order flowers (for delivery to BR1, BR7, SE6, SE9, SE12), please email me on flowersbyshamini@hotmail.co.uk by the evening of Wednesday 10th February with your contact details.

I will include springtime British flowers as well as imported ones in the bouquets. I'll also use the Victorian language of flowers to make these arrangements extra thoughtful and special.

Here's one link and another from previous years to inspire you.

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