Sunday, 10 January 2016

New year, new vase

What's the winter equivalent of an Indian summer? That seems to be what we're getting.

Earlier this week I cut some quince blossom, which had begun flowering before Christmas, along with some sweet-smelling viburnum and a yellow flower I've forgotten the name of. I used them to fill a new Emma Bridgewater vase I had bought in the January sale. I don't really need a new vase, but...

The yellow flower had blossomed in March last year - I remember, because I used it for this blue and yellow posy.

Before Christmas, I used some rosemary in arrangements - it was full of blue flowers.

The hellebores were waking up before Christmas. I need to take a new photo - they've opened up now.

But today I was outside for 50 minutes, waiting for a rail replacement bus (the joys of travelling at the weekend), and my hands were so cold, even though I was wearing gloves. It feels like there's snow on the way, which is entirely appropriate for this time of year, but feels a bit of a shock to the system after that mild November and December.

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