Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! Daffodils at the Garden Museum.

Or Happy St Davids Day, if you prefer!

I did flowers for an event at the Garden Museum this week, and used lots of bright British daffodils and scented narcissi, combined with lovely yellow forsythia, pretty green guelder rose (Viburnum opulus), dramatic purple monkshood (Aconitum), purple limonium, blue hyacinths and British yellow tulips. I used British eucalyptus and viburnum tinus, and the gardeners at the museum gave me a big pile of foliage which would have gone to the compost heap had they not seen me on the hunt for extra foliage! They told me the name of it, and I've forgotten - Lavatera (tree mallow) maybe?

Spot the shy narcissus.

I remember monkshood from my flower identification exams at college - we had to learn which flowers and plants were poisonous or skin irritants. I wore gloves to handle the flowers, as I do with euphorbia (beautiful flowers, but horrible, irritating sap).

There were daffodils, limonium and guelder rose to brighten the cafe tables.

I think spring flowers suit this beautiful old church perfectly!

You can just about make out the model of the museum here - it will be closed at the end of the year to allow time for a major reworking, which will hopefully make it an ever better place to visit.

I had to return the gorgeous pedestal afterwards to my friend who had kindly lent it to me, but the flowers sat nicely on the floor of the museum.

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