Monday, 7 July 2014

Parent plants

The last few years, whenever I've been to gardens with my dad and we've seen lupins, he's always asked me, "Aren't you going to grow lupins?" I wasn't keen on them at first, but eventually I was won over by them and tried to grow them. Sadly, my 'Sunrise' lupins didn't want to grow, so in the end I bought some seedlings from Shannon's Garden Centre (which is celebrating its silver anniversary this month). They have grown up a treat, but I am not cutting them - they seem so big and beautiful, it wouldn't feel right. Maybe I'll buy more next year and then I can happily cut away.

Last year, I tried to grow zinnias from seed, but outdoor sowing doesn't have a high success rate here. None of them germinated. But this year I started them off in the greenhouse, and now they are flourishing! They were another 'parent plant' - I grew them because I liked the look of them but also because my mum used to have them in her family's garden in Sri Lanka. I thought I could give her a posy or two to remind her of her childhood home.

So here are a few zinnia posies. I love the boldness and bright colours of the flowers. The second one is mixed with a 'Genova' dahlia from Shannon's Garden Centre and Nicotiana 'Lime Green' from Higgledy, and the last posy is mixed with sweet peas, lemon balm (melissa) and flowering thyme.

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