Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Chelsea Flower Show and the Gunpowder Tea Plot

You can now have afternoon tea at the House of Commons while Parliament is in recess during the summer, which sounds rather wonderful to me. So I took a magazine photograph of the Palace of Westminster tea and a picture of a flowery Union Jack flag (designed to celebrate 100 years of the Chelsea Flower Show) and stuck them on a jam jar. I filled the jam jar with bits from the garden – roses, scabious, orange thyme and chocolate mint. It smelt beautiful.

I found it difficult to get the exposure right because of the white roses, especially when the white roses were positioned on the side.

I have no idea what varieties of tea they serve at the House of Commons. I suspect they don’t serve gunpowder tea (which is a real tea; I haven’t just made it up), but if anyone is lucky enough to have afternoon tea there and discovers that they do serve it, please let me know!

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