Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sweet enough

I had my first attempt at crystallising flowers and herbs at the weekend. I picked a rose, some chocolate mint leaves and orange flowering thyme. I rinsed and dried them, pulled off the rose petals, then brushed them with beaten egg white and sprinkled them with sugar. It was a bit messy and I used granulated sugar as I'd run out of caster, but the petals and leaves still looked fine, I thought. They need to be left to dry on parchment overnight, but some of them were still not dry the next morning - I'm not sure if I used too much egg white, not enough sugar, or just needed to leave them for longer. At any rate, they tasted good and they looked pretty on top of rose water cupcakes. I think these would make pretty favours for an informal, shabby chic wedding. And of course, garden roses come in all sorts of colours, and you could also do this with other edible flowers, such as violets or nasturtiums.

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