Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

It’s the end of May, everything’s coming up roses, and I haven’t even posted photos of my spring flowers! So here’s a quick tour of the garden flowers from the last two months, both in the garden and after cutting.

April brought my one, solitary ranunculus (of the ten plants I’d tried to grow). It also brought tulips galore – golden Freeman tulips and red, scented Abba tulips, sweetly-scented and pretty pink Angelique peony tulips which open up the minute you put them in water, and sexy, red Rococo parrot tulips. There were delicate, scented narcissi and muscari and fairy-like snakeshead fritillary – I love the little arrangement I did with these (it was a present for my partner).

May brought more tulips – black parrot and blue parrot tulips, white Swan Wings fringed tulips and lilac Cummins fringed tulips. And, seemingly from out of nowhere, came the rose buds and the first roses.

The temperature might be going down, but summer is here.