Sunday, 25 December 2011

Photos from David Austin

I took plenty of photos during my recent trip to the gardens at David Austin. The first roses I saw in the gardens were Lady of Shalott. I'm fond of the poem by Tennyson, the painting by Waterhouse, and have been curious to see what this rose would look and smell like. It didn't disappoint me - it is beautiful and sweetly scented.

Queen of Sweden is a pale pink rose which is supposed to be good for cutting. Usually, florists advise against leaving flowers near radiators. In this case, these incredible, frozen roses might appreciate the warmth!

Winchester Cathedral is a pretty, white rose.

There were lots of yellow roses. I'm not sure whether they can tolerate the cold better, or if they are especially late flowering. One of the most gorgeous is Charlotte.

And another is Golden Celebration.

Another Lady of Shalott rose bush on the left, and tall, Alice in Wonderland-style Molineux rose bushes on the right.

Tea Clipper is a pretty apricot colour. And, like many roses, it has a great name!

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is quite a striking rose, as lilac roses are not a common sight in gardens.

Maid Marion is a pretty pink - the sort of colour that you might call 'rose pink'.

Noble Antony is magnificent; a really vibrant, neatly-formed rose. And I'm a sucker for a Shakespearean hero!

One surprise in the gardens was the peacocks. As my boyfriend and I were the only people visiting the gardens, we hoped they might display their feathers if we were quiet and patient enough. Sadly, they didn't. Maybe next time!