Friday, 9 December 2011

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree

For our last week at college this term, we did lots of Christmas arrangements. The garland and the candle table centre were fun and comparatively straightforward to make, and the wreath took a while, but we were used to that kind of work after making two laurel chaplets in November (see Remembrance Day post). However, the topiary tree was a seemingly endless slog! I was so relieved when I’d finally finished making the ‘tree’ part, but I didn’t have long to decorate it. And as I carried it home on a crowded train, the tip broke off. I have since spruced it up a bit with a golden angel and some ribbon, and I will add those photos later.

There was no red or green on our classroom tree though. Every man I’ve shown this photo to has reacted with the same bemusement. But as our class is comprised mainly of girls, we loved it, especially with all the secret Santa presents underneath.

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