Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jane Packer 1959-2011

I have just heard the news that Jane Packer has died. I had heard that she was very ill this year, but I really hoped she would pull through.
I know other students who, like me, were so enthused by Jane’s style and approach that they took up a floristry course or career. I’m sure she did the same for thousands before us, and I hope that her work continues to motivate people to join the world of floristry. The heart-shaped box I did last week was inspired by her famous hat-box design.
She popped in during the hand-tied course I did in the spring and spoke to all of us. She was smiley and bright and told us we were doing a good job. It was the only time I met her, and she seemed as sunny as she does in her books (I truly love her writing style and the design of her books).
I hope she knew just how much her work and her approach to floristry affected people, as well as the joy she provided to the recipients of her flowers.
My thoughts are with her husband and family and friends.