Friday, 13 January 2017

Review of the year: Summer 2016

It started to snow heavily on my way home yesterday evening, and it's snowing again now - just as I need to leave for work. So obviously, there's no better time to remind ourselves of last summer!

This post should have another subheading: Barbara Cartland flowers. There's a lot of pink.

The pinky-red roses in the first few photos are 'Kate' David Austin roses, and the classic dark red roses towards the end are Rosebie Morton British-grown roses - they filled the train carriage with their incredible scent on my way back from New Covent Garden Market. (On a side note, how beautiful is the name Rosebie?)

And the last four photos are from my wonderful visit to My Flower Patch.

Back to the snow: wrap up warm and drive/walk carefully!

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