Thursday, 1 September 2016

All apologies

Huge apologies for not posting for months - I was hoping to sneak in a post in August, but no.

I have been busy with uni work, and once I found I'd passed all of the components I needed to pass, I was in shock. Then my cousin visited from Australia, and she kicked me into celebrating! She's a lovely person, really laidback, super-smart, and ever so kind. I'm missing her at the moment because she's travelling around Europe for a month, but she will be going to university in the UK for a semester, so I'll get to see her again before she returns to the other side of the world. There's less happy things that have been happening as well, such is life, but I'm trying to find some balance.

This week and last I've been on leave, but only went away on Saturday - visiting friends in York, then Sara of My Flower Patch let me visit her beautiful flower farm. I'm back for a day, then off again tomorrow to see my old supervisor Ann from David Austin Roses. I can't wait to see the rose gardens in summer. Ok, I know today is officially the first day of autumn, but I'm in denial.

Purple hyacinth: not the most summery or autumnal of blossoms, but it means "I'm sorry" in the language of flowers.

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