Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The 40-year old bauble

I took this top photo on Christmas Eve. This is the one remaining decoration that my mother bought in 1975. She used to work near John Lewis on Oxford Street, and went there after work on Christmas Eve to pick up a tinsel tree (for £5) and some decorations. This pink bauble, made of thread wound around a plastic ball - and I know this from when I unravelled the other two as a child - is the one thing from that Christmas Eve that remains. It's 40 years old this Christmas!

And this was the old tree with mini me, on my second Christmas.

This Christmas, I bought three new baubles from John Lewis on Oxford Street for my mother, and a nice box to keep them (and the old bauble) in. They're similar, but feathery rather than thready. And sorry, but my Christmas tree nails have lasted so well, I get them into as many pictures as I can! I'm not sure if the decorations will all last another 40 years, but here's hoping.

The department store on Oxford Street  has turned its rooftop into another green (and white) space, after the success of last year's summer garden. It's only there until New Year's Eve, so if you want to go, be quick!

If they do a rooftop garden for winter again, I'd love to see some colourful planting too, like they had in the summer garden. Although there might be fewer bees this time of year!

This grass chair was so comfortable - I would love one of these!

This Christmas, one of my friends from Swansea Uni bought me the same pair of snowman M&S socks that I bought her. I don't remember our first Christmas presents to each other in the 1990s, but they were probably South Park vodka shot glasses or something similarly juvenile. A sign of getting old or just a sign of two friends having the same taste, I love my snowman socks - I wore them on my Boxing Day walk in Greenwich Park, where I saw plenty of pretty hellebores. Christmas might be on its way out, but late winter colour is on its way in.

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