Monday, 13 April 2015

Double smiles and sisterly love

My narcissi have been late to flower. I see other people's have finished but some of mine have yet to bud. The warm weather last week gave them a bit of an adrenaline shot!

I had bright yellow 'Double Smiles', cream and orange 'Broadway Star' and cream and yellow 'White Lion' narcissi last week. The bulbs were from Peter Nyssen, as were the first of my tulips - pink 'Design Impression'.

There are a few 'Cheerfulness' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness' narcissi and miscellaneous daffodils scattered around the garden, which are also peeking up now.

I did a few posies with all homegrown flowers, which is lovely, and so appreciated by the recipients.

Especially when they do that automatic thing people do when given flowers - lift them up to smell them - and the narcissi and muscari are actually scented!

I had an order for blue, white and green flowers for a special birthday dinner.

I was given a vase to use for them - it was an old vase that had been restored with a lick of paint. It was a big birthday and the dinner was for three sisters, so special flowers were called for. Delphiniums are one of the biggest, special blue flowers you can get, so I mixed them up with some green celosia, and a few flowers from the garden - white blossoms and blue flowering rosemary.

My own sister has been in a really bad over the last week, and will be going to hospital this week, so I gave her a broken-off delphinium flower to wear as a buttonhole. It means "lightness" in the language of flowers, and she could do with that in the next few days.

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