Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Blue Patch Christmas fair

I did another Christmas fair a few weeks into December. Jane and Julia of Blue Patch invited me to join them at their Herne Hill sustainable fair, after seeing my flowers at Diggin' Design.

It was a lovely day, but much colder - I think we had lost feeling in our fingers and toes by the end of the fair! I focused on Christmas wreaths this time - making traditional, decorated pine wreaths (all British pine, of course), and various foliage wreaths (with British moss and mostly British foliage).

I also made candle tablecentres and a few tin posies. Foliage and flowers were nearly all British, with the exception of the snowy thistles, gold-painted waxflower, and silver brunia. The marshmallowy chrysanthemum blooms were popular, as were the tulips and heather, and they were all British.

The loveliest part of the day was when a mother and daughter decided to buy a wreath made with three kinds of moss, decorated with a few snowy thistles and white heather. I don't know whether they knew that moss is the symbol of maternal love in the language of flowers.

A few details from the day - I love working with this beauty!

And finally, I got to see what two of the wreaths looked like in situ - both Julia and Jane sent photos of their beautifully-dressed front doors!

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