Wednesday, 5 November 2014

It's starting to feel like November

I got a bit of a shock to my system on Monday when I was cutting foliage for the museum, and began to really feel the cold. It didn't help that every time I cut down branches of eucalyptus or magnolia, I got a load of cold rainwater falling on me too!

That night, I went to my first football match in a couple of years (fortunately it was an away game in glorious South East London), and tried to remind myself that it wasn't that cold; my first ever game was at the end of November in Sunderland, before Grand Central ran direct trains, and I remember the bitter cold as we waited for our connection at Newcastle. It didn't help that we lost 4-1 and Roy Keane (allegedly) resigned by text message afterwards! Also, on Monday, there was a lot of jumping up and down, which also keeps out the cold. I was very glad of the win, even if we didn't exactly play well enough to deserve it.

At the Garden Museum, I seemed to have one minor incident after another, with me managing to forget German pins, extra reel wire and extra ivy, and running out of recycled floral foam. In the end I did a foam-free arrangement for the porch with bowls and chicken wire. It's not my favourite way to do flowers, especially if it's a low arrangement, but apparently it's more eco-friendly. Here it is coming together...sorry about the light. I forgot it gets dark soon!

And finally:

And here are the reception flowers. Lovely scented narcissi and alstromeria, mixed with eucalyptus, magnolia, recycled physocarpus sticks, and a berry that I don't know the name of.

Lastly, a few of the cafe table posies.

If you are out enjoying fireworks or a bonfire tonight, stay safe, and have a good Guy Fawkes' night!

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