Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Never mind the are the sweet peas

After a warm spell, many things shot up or started flowering even more. The scent from the roses is very strong, and some of the herbs and sweet peas give out a wonderful fragrance too, especially when it's warm.

The main stars for me now are sweet peas - scarlet 'Fields of Fire', salmon pink 'Leominster Boy', and rippled blue 'Dot Com' and pink-purple 'Harlequin'. There are a few dark blue-purple 'Just Jenny' sweet peas on their way, too. I was amazed by the 'Fields of Fire' - some of the flower stems were as long as my forearm. Perfect for cutting!

There are a few more 'Polka Dot' cornflowers, although since they're from the same plant (which is now more than 110cm tall!), they are the same pink-lilac. There are many more 'Moody Blues' nigella, and the red 'Hot Lips' salvia are gradually taking on some white. The salvia didn't last very well in the vase, so I replaced them after a few days with more sweet peas.

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