Monday, 6 January 2014

Hasty vintage flowers

I did some bridal bouquets and hair flowers for a vintage photoshoot at the end of last year. There was a wonderful sixties-inspired shoot, with a Twiggy-esque model, Kat O'Mahoney, and hippy-esque model (as well as teacher and blogger), Kay Joon, and a fifties-inspired shoot with a wonderfully glam actor, Elizabeth M. Quilter.

The beautiful dresses were all by Tobi Hannah, for a chapter in her book about short wedding dresses, the amazing photos were by Garazi Gardner, and the stunning hair and make up were by Becky Hunting.

The flowers were bought and arranged very hastily. I was horribly ill the day before and thought I wouldn't be able to do the flowers, but I managed to drag myself to get flowers from a local florist, wire the hair flowers on the train (one of my stupidly risky moves), and do the bouquets at the studio while the models were in hair and make up! I didn't get the exact flowers I'd planned to use because the unexpected illness meant I was not fit enough for a trip to New Covent Garden Market on the trains, but I did manage to stick to the colour palettes I wanted: white and pale pink roses with blue delphiniums for the fifties, and bright, flower power sunflowers, orange celosia and pink snapdragons for the sixties. I also used Thlaspi 'Green Bell' and garden herbs, and the acid green worked well for the sixties shoot, but I think I should have just stuck to the more muted green of mint and sage for the fifties shoot.

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