Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy family

I planted some bulbs last autumn, and the cold and warm spells have had a strange effect on them. Some of them grew very quickly when we had a warm spell earlier in the year, but then they seem to fizzle out. As a result, some of them have bloomed and gone before I’ve got photos of them. I didn’t cut any of them as I wanted to see how long they’d last as plants. Binkie daffodils didn’t do too well, and only one bulb flowered. Pipet narcissi fared better and grew very tall. Pink Sunrise muscari seemed more dirty white than pink, and only lasted a few days; but blue Atlantic muscari were pretty and lasted a few weeks. Innuendo tulips smelt lovely and lasted about a week – I have another pot full of these bulbs which are yet to flower. And two pots of Happy Family tulips (pictured above) did quite well – one grew very tall and the flowers lasted a fortnight.

There are some plants which are yet to flower, so I’ll make sure I get photos of them when they do.