Monday, 22 October 2012

Magnificent Miranda

Sorry, my titles are rather uninspired today. I think the alliteration is just making them worse!

I visited the plant centre at David Austin Roses last week, to discuss wedding flowers. My wonderful supervisor, Jane, from my Valentine's work did the consultation and was surprised to see me as my partner had booked the appointment in his name. We had a long chat about the wedding flowers (and floristry in general) and I came away with lots of useful advice and some more ideas. I was sad to hear that Jane was planning to leave floristry, but I guess she's been doing it longer and is not as wide-eyed and romantic about it all as I still am!

She gave me some roses to take back with me, so I could see how they open up differently and how they smell. This was a couple of days after I got back - just look how wide the pink Miranda rose has opened. It's amazing; it's like a saucer! It has a delicate scent, the Kate and Keira roses have a stronger scent, but the heady fragrance of Patience still blows me away.