Friday, 2 March 2012

Braving the elements

We’ve had a couple of mammoth coursework assignments recently, including one on the elements and principles of floral design. For this, we needed to do five drawings or paintings, using different art materials, to represent each of the five elements: colour, form, line, texture and space. I’m satisfied with my drawing for texture and my painting for form, which (I hope) show the respective elements effectively, but are pretty mediocre. However, I’m happier with my drawings for line and space and my painting for colour. The first one is a bit out of proportion – which is often a problem for me, as I’m a ‘details’ and not a ‘big picture’ sort of person! You can probably tell which picture I enjoyed doing and devoted the most time to. This was an unexpected bonus of doing a floristry course – it’s reignited my love of painting.