Saturday, 15 November 2014

Snapdragon and rose petal bird's nests

I've mentioned the story of the snapdragon and rose petal "bird's nests" that I used to make as a child with the girl who became my first bride. And Claudia from Best Bride's snapdragon memories reminded me of my own. But here is the story of those flower nests again.

I remember the day my new neighbours moved next door. I must have been looking out of the window, waiting for them to arrive. When they stepped out of their rental van, I was under their feet: “Hello! You live next door to me now.” As the parents and their eldest child, Peter, moved back and forth from their van to their new home, I sat in their front garden with their three-year-old daughter, Jo. I was a few years older, but we sat on the lawn and quietly made a bird's nest out of leaves and flowers. I must have suggested it - I know I had made them before, but I don't have the same vivid memory of who and where. Friends of the family smiled at us and said hello as they came and went. We picked leaves from trees, pulled up handfuls of grass, picked petals off roses, and used them to form the nest. We decorated it with individual flower heads of luminous yellow snapdragons...I can see them now. I always think of that day when I see yellow snapdragons.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I was sorting through old photos and came across these. I'm so glad photos of my first floral art exist! My memory remembers mainly yellow snapdragons, but by the look of these photos, most of them were red or pink.

Please excuse the pouting - I was overly influenced by people on Top of the Pops. I would do impressions of Shakin' Stevens dancing and I would pout like Sheena Easton!


  1. I love that photograph of you and your 'floral' nest. What a lovely childhood memory.

    1. Thanks Debs - they are such sweet memories for me.